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Automated software audit service

An true picture of the company's own and acquired software code with identified financial, legal and operational risks associated with its current state.
  • Quality Analysis
    Objective assessment of the labor intensity, volume and quality of the program code; determination of the technical debt.
  • Risk Analysis
    Legal risks identification: borrowings, copied code fragments and violations of licensing conditions and vulnerabilities. Assessment of the risks of project leakage to professional communities
  • Team Composition Analysis
    Determination of the real structure of performers, including the profile of each developer, the quality of their competences and the actual participation rate. Selection of alternative developer profiles for future development or urgent elimination of critical product deficiencies.
SCA + QA + Team transparency


A solution for intellectual property management through flexible Software Composition Analysis and People-based code Quality Assessment.

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In the future, most software development and quality assessment processes will be automated, and the involvement of experts will be necessary on rare occasions.

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